The 2017 SRI Conference

Theme : Engineering Innovations for Industrialization

The 2017 SRI conference will be the 8th series. The conference will be hosted by the College of Engineering and Technology and will run for three days. It is expected that the participation will increase to about 200 people and 70 presentations with a subsequent rise in exhibitions. This year's conference seeks to attract presentations on recent innovations in engineering, and especially those that will have an impact in industrialization.
We expect a higher participation from the industrial sector in the upcoming conference. We recognize that there is need to strengthen the link between the academia and the industry. We hope to grow the relationship with stakeholders in the industry by encouraging frequent interaction through forums such as conferences.
Further, we look forward to a working partnership that leads to strengthen the link between academia and industry for relevance and increased uptake and commercialization of research findings and innovations.

Who can attend

The three day conference will have the following features:

  • Researchers in academic institutions.
  • Stakeholders in the industrial sector.
  • Research organizations.
  • Government agencies

Organization of activities

The three day conference will have the following features:

  • Opening ceremony
  • Oral and Poster presentation sessions.
  • Keynote speeches from the industry sector.
  • Tea breaks and Lunch
  • Closing ceremony conference dinner.
  • An excursion.

2017 Journal

  • ISSN No(Online): 2409-1243