There is an emerging trend worldwide of governments re-aligning their focus on GDP growth to be based on research and innovation output, rather than on the traditional sources such as mineral wealth or tourism. This shift in itself forms the backbone of sustainable development, in that it relies on an inexhaustible source of wealth. Kenya is also slowly shifting its focus to research development and innovation, as witnessed by the increased amount of funding towards research. Sustainable research has been taking a multi-disciplinary approach, where no research field can succeed on its own if it does not incorporate inputs from other fields. Another reason for the same approach may be attributed to the mobilization of resources, owing to the fact that sustainable research and innovation can be capital intensive. The theme for the Annual Conference Series is “Sustainable Research and Innovation”. The wide selection of topics below allow the participants an opportunity to share experiences and articulate how their activities fit in the process of industrialization and possibly the flagship projects stipulated in the Kenya Vision 2030.

Themes of the conference:

Accepted papers will be reviewed and published in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will also be published under a re-known journal. The papers to be presented will include, but are not limited to the following topics:

  1.     Environmental management research
  2.     Sustainable research strategies
  3.     Energy generation and supply optimization
  4.     New and renewable energy solutions
  5.     Technology transfer to industry and society
  6.     Industrialization strategies for vision 2030
  7.     Climate change and pollution control
  8.     Industrial processes performance and control
  9.     Optimization strategies in transport sector
  10.     Emerging manufacturing trends
  11.     Power transmission and utilization
  12.     Communication improvement strategies
  13.     Mineral exploration, mining and processing strategies
  14.     Industrial maintenance processes
  15.     Quality management techniques

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