Overview of Congestion Management in Deregulated Power System: Review of the Literature



The rise in competition in the energy market has enabled an optimal transmission system in the electricity sector. The utilization of the transmission system makes some lines congested due to some constraints capacities of the line, which is a big problem for the system operator.  Congestion Management is one of the main issues that threaten the system security and the most challenging tasks System Operator in deregulated Power System. A lot of attention has been given to the congestion management in the last years due to its benefits such as having a secure and reliable system. Congestion is the situation when technical constraints or economic restrictions are violated, which has a negative effect on the electricity market. The congestion management permits to alleviate the violated constraint. System operators try to manage  congestion,  which  otherwise  increases  the  cost  of  the electricity  and  also  threatens  the  system  security  and  stability. Several methods are proposed to solve the issue of congestion. This paper presents the overview and comparative studies of the research methods that are used for Congestion Management in deregulated power systems.
Jun 22, 2018
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