About the Conference

The Sustainable Research and Innovation Conference series is a conference hosted by the College of Engineering and Technology. The Conference has been organized under the broad theme of leveraging science, technology and innovation for sustainable development. The conference acts as a platform to bring together researchers, industrialists, policymakers and funding organs so as to achieve the synergy necessary for industrial development. The conference aims at fostering a working partnership between academia and industry for relevance and increased uptake and commercialization of research findings and innovation. The conference involves oral and poster presentations. In addition, there are exhibitions highlighting technological innovations tailored towards industrialization.

Conference Sub-themes

The theme of the 2024 SRI Conference is “Leveraging Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development“. Submissions to the conference are invited within the following sub-themes, but not limited to:

  1. Innovation for the Future of Manufacturing
  2. Systems Automation and Control
  3. Development of Multi-Functional Materials and Structures
  4. Disruptive Technologies for Sustainability in Circular Economy
  5. Technology for Knowledge Discovery through Data
  6. Transportation and Infrastructure for Development
  7. Telecommunication and Embedded Intelligence for Digital Transformation
  8. Solutions for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  9. Transition to Clean Energy
  10. Smart Agriculture and Food Security
  11. Advances in Space Technology
  12. Sustainable Solutions for Affordable Housing
  13. Climate Change Resilient Strategies